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Will Devon Cider survive Brexit?

Posted by James on 6th Oct 2016

Devon Cidermakers hope that their application to become a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), will survive us leaving the EU.

Since 2013 a group of Devon cidermakers have been working hard to gain recognition for the excellent cider made in the county. The proposed PDO standard, which has just completed it's lengthy National Consultation, could still be awarded, but is by no means certain. However, the UK Government has pledged to continue the system after Brexit, ensuring survival of existng protected names like Cornish Pasties, Stilton Cheese, and hopefully, Devon Cider.

The 12 craft cidermakers, headed by Sampford Courtenay Cider, set out simple criteria for the PDO. Says Cidermaker Alice Mcilwraith "We think it's reasonable that cider wanting to call itself "Devon Cider" should be made in Devon from apples grown in the county"

"All the apples used in our Sampford Courtenay Cider are grown on our Farm, where the cider is made and bottled as well." she finishes

You may be surprised to discover that this isn't always the case as some Devon based cidermakers buy their apples from Hereford, Kent, or even further afield.

"Local apple varieties don't crop as heavily as other counties more intensive orchards, which makes Devon apples more expensive" continues Alice. "but we think that this produces higer quality apples and higer quality ciders and so are worth the cost. We have 40 acres of cider apple trees and if you visit our shop you can walk in the orchards and try a cider apple for yourself"

Another important part of the proposed PDO standard is that Devon Ciders must be at least 90% apple juice. Customers may not know that the National Association of Cider Makers "standard" for cider is only 30% apple juice. The rest can be made up from Water, Glucose, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Malic Acid, Saccharin, E951,E242, and all kinds of things that you probably wouldn't expect to find in Cider.

Again we think that our customers imagine that cider is made from apple juice, and so ours is.

Our warhorse cider reflects how cider was made back in 1916. It's 100% apple juice fermented and bottled, it's unfiltered, unpasteurised cider, as it used to be. Try a case of our Warhorse Cider, or a mixed case of all our different Devon Ciders, with free delivery on your first order