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Devon Made Devon grown

Not all ciders are created equal.devon-made-grown.png

Our ciders are all made from apples grown on our farm. We grow the apples in our orchards, we pick them, press them. Then we ferment the juice and bottle the cider all here at Solland Farm.

When we say our cider is Devon Cider, we really mean it. If cider is bottled in Devon, but the apples or apple juice come from further afield, is it really Devon Cider? Of course with clever marketing mutton can dressed as lamb, but it's not the genuine article. With us, when we say it's Devon Cider we really mean it. We have 14,000 of our own apple trees and our cider is handmade on our farm from blossom to bottle!

Our ciders are all at least 90% apple juice (We add sugar to some and elderflowers or fruits to others, but we don't just stand there with the tap running in to your cider)

Some ciders aren't so lucky.

Many commercial ciders can has so little juice in them, they really ought to be called "cider flavoured drinks" Indeed the National Association of Cidermakers sets out instructions for their members, to make sure that they can make "cider" with only 30% apple juice in it.  That's the standard they think is good enough for cider, just 30% apple juice, is that really enough? we'll let you decide....