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Warhorse Cider 6 x 750ml bottles 6.5% ABV

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During the Great War, horses were a vital part of the war effort. Like the men who served with them, they endured great hardships and dangers both fighting at the front and toiling behind the lines. It is thought that a horse was killed or injured for every two human casualties. At the peak of the war it is estimated that a 1000 horses a day were arriving on the Western Front from all over the British Commonwealth. 480,000 came from the British Isles.

On Solland farm, a bay pony called Olive was requisitioned by the army, to play her part with the BEF in 1914. With tears and sorrow Olive the pony was taken to Sampford railway station and from there, by train, to France. What became of Olive was never known, but she was always remembered by her young owner.

Sampford Courtenay Warhorse Cider is made to reflect how cider was made in Devon in 1914. The cider is not filtered through a machine, but racked twice before it finishes fermenting and is then bottled without pasteurizing. The last of the natural sugars slowly ferment in the bottle adding natural condition and a fine haze that soon settles to the bottom of the bottle leaving the cider clear.

Sampford Courtney Warhorse cider is a dry cider made from Ellis Bitter apples a famous Devon variety grown extensively on our farm. It has softer tannins, a lighter body and a more acidic finish than cider made from Bittersweet varieties like Dabinett

7.0%  ABV          6 x 750ml Swing top bottles