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  • James Mcilwraith

Sampford Courtenay Cider Launches new website

Our old website has done sterling service but being 8 years old it was time for a new one. Not least because the site was so old the hosting company was threatening to turn it off. We have taken the opportunity to combine all out on-line sales for the cider company and out farm shop all in one place so that there is only one shop with our own Sampford Courtenay ciders shown here, but sold through our farm shop The Cider Vat . The Cider Vat has whole other range of other ciders, beers and spirits so feel free to have a browse around there if you like. As well as a new website, we have a completed new range of ciders coming for 2021. We will of course be posting these on here just as soon as they are ready Hopefully a new platform will also encourage me to post more cider related articles. If you would like to be informed please subscribe to our mailing list.

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